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As a Consultant, Erika will examine the needs of individuals and companies dissect the problem, and create manageable solutions for brand growth. She will help improve your business' profitability by enhancing the marketing structure and strategy.

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Helping  individuals  with branding, delivery of their personal message, gain visibility, income and gain clients in the business world.

Motivational Speaker


As a motivational speaker, Erika is a prolific speaker! Her passion shows while speaking to small or large audiences! Her ability to speak life into  individuals Empowers them to Level Up, and her ability to Rejuvenate their spirits  is undeniable.  Erika's pragmatic messages resonate with all individuals men, women and teenagers, and not limited to entry level employees to the corporate executives. Each will walk away with new passion and motivation to move into action! 

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Erika Estes

Dallas, Texas, United States
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